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The 2023 Cottage Grove Community Foundation Community Grant Cycle is now open. Applications are being accepted until midnight November 22, 2011. If you would like an electronic copy of the Guidelines and Application, please email your request to Allow a few days to receive your response. Thank you and we appreciate your interest.



The Cottage Grove Community Foundation was established in 1991 as a public non-profit organization to help improve the quality of life for the residents of the South Lane County. The Foundation is a resource for citizens, private companies, and other private foundations to make charitable gifts and bequests that will provide financial support to educational, medical, cultural, social, and civic services. The Foundation’s Board of Directors has established these guidelines for grant distributions.


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors made up of leading citizens representing the broad interests of our community. The board members serve on a voluntary, non-paid basis. They are advised by a group of leaders from our community representing the city government, the school district, the Chamber of Commerce, and public utilities.


The Foundation’s assets consist of PERMANENT ENDOWMENT FUNDS, which are managed in perpetuity and whose annual distribution serve an identified need; DESIGNATED FUNDS, which are established by donors exclusively to support certain organizations; FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS, which are established by donors for distribution in particular areas of community service; and GENERAL FUNDS, which are flexible resources the Foundation can apply to address changing community needs and Foundation operating needs. The Foundation is affiliated with the Oregon Community Foundation, an Oregon non-profit corporation which provides financial management and counsel for our funds.

The Cottage Grove Community Foundation Community Grants support a wide variety of projects where modest amounts of money can make a significant difference and which promise tangible benefits or means of solving community problems or concerns. Organizations that have an IRS non-profit designation are eligible to apply. Grants will be made for one year only. Grant amounts may range from $500 to $1,000. The Foundation defines its community service area as that covered by the South Lane School District. The Foundation grants will be limited to this area unless otherwise specified by an individual donor.


Note: Applications are available through the Cottage Grove Community Foundation website: All applications and supporting documents must be submitted in .pdf form via email to AND to .


Applicants must be from qualified organizations (see application form for more information.) Applications from individuals will not be considered. Awards are announced in the public media as well as by notification to the recipients. Non-recipients are notified by letter.


In authorizing Community Grants, the Foundation gives preference to projects of the following types:

  • Projects that demonstrate a timely impact on an organization’s development and the community it serves.
  • Projects or programs aimed at providing needed services or facilities for which public funds are either not available or are not sufficient and the Foundation’s contribution, either by itself or in conjunction with other private support, would have a significant impact.
  • Programs which would contribute to the educational, medical, cultural, social and civic needs of our community.
  • Programs where modest amounts of money can make a significant difference and which promise tangible benefits or means of solving community problems or concerns.
  • Programs which will be completed within 1 year of award notification date with a progress report at the 6-month mark.
  • Preference will be given to organizations who have not received CGCF Community Grants during the last two years.

Unless designated otherwise by the donor, Community Grants normally will not be made to organizations for the following purposes:

  • Emergency funding
  • Travel to or in support of conferences
  • Debt retirement or operational deficits
  • Annual fund drives or operation expenses except during a start up period not to exceed three years.
  • Sectarian religious purposes (does not preclude consideration of requests for educational, medical, or social service oriented programs open to all community members undertaken by church affiliated or supported agencies.)

Note: Organizations who do not submit the Grant Project Completion and Evaluation form for CGCF projects previously funded will not be eligible to apply for grants in the succeeding years. If an interim completion and evaluation form is provided for the previous year, those applications will be considered as long as the final form is submitted prior to November 15.


It is hoped that these guidelines will be helpful to those who support our objectives as well as those desiring funding for specific proposals.


For further information contact

The Cottage Grove Community Foundation

P.O. Box 1326

Cottage Grove, OR 97424

Phone: 942-0014

Fax: 942-0032

Physical address: 1015 E. Main Street., Cottage Grove

Web page:

2023 Instruction Sheet

2023 Cottage Grove Community Foundation Community Grant Application

Applying for a Community Grant

Email in .pdf format the following information, using the attached application form:

  • A completed and signed Application Form,
  • A copy of the organization’s letter from the IRS detailing your tax-exempt status or other official statement of tax-exempt status, A list of the board of directors with daytime phone numbers,
  • The last annual financial statement or audit for the organization – Governmental organizations (i.e. SLSD) are exempt from this requirement,
    The organization’s budget for the current year. Governmental organizations (i.e. SLSD) are exempt from this requirement,
  • The project budget for the grant you are submitting for funding, include expenses by category (e.g. materials, personnel, services, etc.) and total funds required with a list of all pledges or fund commitments by other organizations or individuals as requested in question 7.

Note: If your organization has previously submitted an application, you must still include the above current documents.

Please do not:

  • Apply for funds for scientific research, goods already purchased, activities taking place before grant decision are made, or deficit funding.

Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

Please limit your submission to 3 pages.



All applications must be received in the Cottage Grove Community Foundation Email Box by November 22, 2022 midnight. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Award notification
Decisions about funding are made at CGCF’s February board of directors’ meeting. Applicants will be notified of the board’s decision no later than two weeks after the February CGCF board meeting.



Applicants for the Community Grants Program:

  • Applicants must have an IRS non-profit status confirmation. If selected as a recipient, organizations with other than a 501(c)3 designation will have additional reporting requirements.
  • Are expected to complete all parts of the application form and provide all required attachments.
  • Applications will not be considered unless the full application is complete and is submitted using the 2023 application form.
  • Must have completed their project and submitted required evaluation reports for all prior CGCF grants.
    2023 COMMUNITY GRANT For office use only


Received on ________________

Assigned Project no: 2023________

Email to: and

Choose only one category:








Application must be received in the Cottage Grove Community Foundation Email Box by November 22, 2022 midnight.

Please type answers to each question in space provided. Please limit your Application Form to a maximum 3 pages.

Organization Name: ____________________________________

City/Zipcode ________________________________________

Contact Person: _____________________________________________

Name                      Title               Phone                      Email address

Organizations that have an IRS non-profit designation are eligible to apply.

What is your current valid non-profit status? (Please check one of the following) _____501(c)3 _____ 501(C)4  _____ 501(c)6     Other – please describe ___________________________________________________

IRS Tax number______________


  1. Project title: _____________________________________________________
  2. Funding – What is the amount of grant requested? $__________ Total project costs $______________ Funds currently committed $___________ Please attach a copy of the program project budget for this grant to all copies of this application. Include expenses by category (e.g. materials, personnel, services, etc.) and total funds required with a list of the sources of all pledges or fund commitments by other organizations or individuals
  3. Briefly state the specific project or use to which these funds will be applied:
  4. What will your project accomplish and how does your project address the need in Cottage Grove? Describe the problem that needs to be fixed and how the program components of your project serve those needs. How will our community change as a result of your project?
  5. How will you measure results and determine if your project was a success? Who and how many people in Cottage Grove will be impacted by your project?
  6. Timetable (preference for grants used by mid-August): Project start date __________; Project end date____________; Date when funds will be used _____________
  7. What is the purpose or mission of your organization and how does this project support your mission?
  8. How many members are on your Board of Directors? ___________
    Remember to attach a list of your current board and their day-time phone numbers.
  9. How will you support the project if CGCF cannot provide the full funds requested?
  10. If your request was over funded how would you use those funds and still be within the required criteria?
  11. List other groups you know that are addressing the same or related purposes or mission and the extent of your coordination with each in developing this proposal.
  12. Check which of the following requests will be used:
    Special Program ___________ One time capital expenditure ___________
    Operating support (start-up only – see Grant Guidelines) __________
  13. How will you sustain the proposed activities? Describe your plan for securing the financial, human and in-kind resources needed for the program.
  14. If this grant is approved how will you recognize Cottage Grove Community Foundation in your publicity about the grant?

I certify that the above information is correct and that I am authorized by the governing board of this organization to submit this grant application to the Cottage Grove Community Foundation.

Signature _________________________________________________

Signature of Executive Director Name (print) ______________________________________________

Or Board Chair Title ___________________________________Date_______________

For CGCF use only:

____signed, complete app ____IRS letter ____ Bd of Dir list ____annual fin.statement ____current budget ____project budget


If you would like to help our organization help those in need, please donate what you can. Every little bit helps.

1015 E. Main Street, Cottage Grove, OR 97424

(541) 942-0014

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